There’s been a long radio silence here due to some horrible hackers deciding they will hijack this URL to divert the 3 people who actually read this (me, my mum and…me again) to sites selling illegal medication. But thanks to the amazing Rich of Dogwonder (@dogwonder on Twitter – can’t recommend them highly enough if you need a brilliant UX Developer) I’m now back up and running. So back to nicer things…

I always love working on wedding invites for friends – and I was really pleased to be asked by my very good friend and pub table-tennis champion, Paula, to work on her save the dates and invites. I’m really pleased with how the illustrations turned out – the selection above comes from across the stationery pieces, and they’ve used them on their wedding website, too.
And tomorrow we’ll be off to the wedding – and I will attempt to defeat the bride in the rematch of our epic, 5-set, beer garden match of 2010 which has since become the stuff of legend.

Congratulations, Paula and Chris!!

UPDATE: I lost. but I had to let her win, right..?

I just got back from working in New York for a few days (I know, I know!). On the Sunday, I walked from my hotel on Canal St across the Williamsburg Bridge, through Williamsburg, Boerum Hill and Brooklyn Heights and back over the Brooklyn Bridge. While I walked (16 miles! I earned my red velvet cupcake) I listened mostly to Williamsburg’s finest – and one of my favourite bands – They Might Be Giants. Here are some of the photos I took on that walk and during the trip – and a link to a free download from Brooklyn’s Ambassadors of Love… And you can follow me on Instagram if you like photos of buildings and bridge graffiti, somewhere over on the right there! —>—->


Daphne, Greatest Guitarist
I had great fun working with my friend Mark again – this time on a project illustrating his collection of fables, The Book of Almost Truths – and the first one is complete! I had great fun creating these loose sketches for Daphne, the Greatest Guitarist in the World, a tale of riffs, wolves and duelling guitars.

You can read all Mark’s stories here – The Book Of Almost Truths.

A 3 hour commute to work most days leaves me with accute train phobia* on days off, meaning we’ve tended to spend weekends in our little patch south of the river. So we’re making an effort to get out and see more of London Town. On Sunny Sunday™  we walked from London Bridge to Greenwich, stopping for lunch at the Piccalilli Caff at Surrey Docks Farm (delicious homemade mackerel pate), and I snapped a friendly pidgeon, abandoned Design Museum stickers while we wondered what it woud be like to live in a warehouse apartment in Shad Thames…

London Bridge>Greenwich

*Siderodromophobia, fact fans!

Fascinating talk at St Bride last week by MinaLima Design – Mira and Eduardo are the talented people behind all the graphic design in the Harry Potter films. If like me you are a fan of the films – and in particular the visual look of the films – then this was a dream. Draft versions of the Marauder’s Map, copy of Advanced Potion-Making, packaging from the Weasley’s shop… Heaven.

As always with good design, research was critical to the material’s success and I enjoyed seeing some of the pieces Mira and Eduardo found as inspiration. But my biggest take-away: hand-lettering is awesome. I pledge to do more.

Incidentally, this – like many of St Bride’s fantastic talks – was organised by the wonderful @alphabeckles. Do yourself a favour and follow her on Twitter. Now, I must lie down – my arm is hurting…

Daily Prophet

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I had a great time at the first Balham Bowls Craft fair – it’s a brilliant venue and I met some lovely fellow sellers. It’s running again on the 8th December – a special xmas-focused event with mulled wine and xmas music, so I hope to see you there!

Here are a few pics – let me know what you think of my stand! Everything I sell will be on my etsy.com site soon too.

Almost the last of my new designs – there’s still one more I haven’t shared yet! Cards for everyday scenarios. Like ‘Thanks!’, ‘Good Luck!’, and… well… when you just want to say ‘Hello!’.

All the new designs are with the printer now, so – anyone who already ordered some (thanks!), there’s not long to wait!


A few more new designs – they will be up on my etsy site soon and on sale at the Balham Bowls craft fair. Hope you like them! Now, I just need to decide – should these be postcards or greetings cards? What do you think? Any other ‘you’re somethings’ you’d like to see? Please leave me a comment below – I’d love to hear from you (if you can’t see the comment box, click on the post’s title!).



I’m very excited to be taking part in the first (and second) ever Craft and Vintage Fair at my favourite Balham hangout, Balham Bowls Club on the 17th November and 8th December. I’ll be selling my greetings cards and prints – here’s a sneak preview of my new 2013 Christmas designs. There’s going to be a whole host of great sellers there, not to mention the famous BBC sausage rolls! Hope to see you there!

A quick note to let you know I’ll be speaking on Wednesday as part of St Bride’s mini-conference, Stories From the Fold, with my publishing design hat on. You can find more info here: St Bride. Not that I’m nervous, but the other speakers just happen to be brilliant; Jon Gray, Zoe Bather, Clare Skeats , Phoenix Yard Books… I could go on!

Hope to see you there, and meanwhile I will get back to pacing the room and shaking uncontrollably.