Design Magic

Fascinating talk at St Bride last week by MinaLima Design – Mira and Eduardo are the talented people behind all the graphic design in the Harry Potter films. If like me you are a fan of the films – and in particular the visual look of the films – then this was a dream. Draft versions of the Marauder’s Map, copy of Advanced Potion-Making, packaging from the Weasley’s shop… Heaven.

As always with good design, research was critical to the material’s success and I enjoyed seeing some of the pieces Mira and Eduardo found as inspiration. But my biggest take-away: hand-lettering is awesome. I pledge to do more.

Incidentally, this – like many of St Bride’s fantastic talks – was organised by the wonderful @alphabeckles. Do yourself a favour and follow her on Twitter. Now, I must lie down – my arm is hurting…

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