Very excitingly you can now find us stocked at Dotty’s Teahouse in Carshalton! A match made in heaven – the purveyors of the finest tea and cake South of the river (my choice? A pot of Russian Caravan and the victoria sponge) and the fanciest cosies to accompany it. Dotty’s also do a great Rhyme & Story time on a Monday & Tuesday morning and host a whole range of workshops and clubs.

If you’re not local, all our cosies are available on the Etsy site.

I get to do a lot of interesting and exciting things at work, but this week has really been something! After a year of planning, we’ve had EINE in to create an artwork for our new building. I’ve spent the week watching him work, had a lesson in tagging, and hosting a Q&A with all the designers from our company and some students from Central St Martins – and as I type this, Ben’s putting the finishing touches to his work. Here are some photos from the week – thanks to Matt Kay for the excellent last photo!




Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 15.36.06

A 3 hour commute to work most days leaves me with accute train phobia* on days off, meaning we’ve tended to spend weekends in our little patch south of the river. So we’re making an effort to get out and see more of London Town. On Sunny Sunday™  we walked from London Bridge to Greenwich, stopping for lunch at the Piccalilli Caff at Surrey Docks Farm (delicious homemade mackerel pate), and I snapped a friendly pidgeon, abandoned Design Museum stickers while we wondered what it woud be like to live in a warehouse apartment in Shad Thames…

London Bridge>Greenwich

*Siderodromophobia, fact fans!