Chalk hearts, NYC

You’ll see I’ve updated a few things around here, but I realise I haven’t posted in 2 years… Bad form for a blogger. Anyway, I’m going to have a think about what to do but meanwhile here are some hearts drawn on the road and I’m going to attempt to show this blog a bit more love.

My first time in Norway and I loved the details… the post boxes, doorsteps and windows. We had a few days there, visiting Old Stavanger, Bergen and Flam and I hope to go back.












A few flowers from Mum’s garden…Sketchbook flowers

I get to do a lot of interesting and exciting things at work, but this week has really been something! After a year of planning, we’ve had EINE in to create an artwork for our new building. I’ve spent the week watching him work, had a lesson in tagging, and hosting a Q&A with all the designers from our company and some students from Central St Martins – and as I type this, Ben’s putting the finishing touches to his work. Here are some photos from the week – thanks to Matt Kay for the excellent last photo!




Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 15.36.06


Well, Historic Charleston is a lovely place. Amazing architecture and colour. I took about 50 photos of people’s doors and window boxes, especially ones painted in Charleston Green.

I ate BBQ, fried green tomatoes, grits and biscuits and visited Ft. Sumter and generally mooched around while being called ‘m’am’ and enjoying the sun. I also won 3 games of pool – turns out I am a natural. All round, a brilliant trip. Thanks, work!


Here’s something from my sketchbook. I’m going to start uploading bits like this here – let me know what you think of them. Some will just be a quick phone snap like this, but I’ll try to scan them nicely when I can!


Thanks to anyone who took a look at this blog in 2014. I haven’t posted as often as I’d wanted and will be better next year, I hope! Leaving 2014 with a photo of the highlight – a trip to Alaska – where we saw killer whales and bears in the wild, ate at the Northernmost Southern BBQ and played glow-in-the-dark mini golf. Hashtag awesome.


There’s been a long radio silence here due to some horrible hackers deciding they will hijack this URL to divert the 3 people who actually read this (me, my mum and…me again) to sites selling illegal medication. But thanks to the amazing Rich of Dogwonder (@dogwonder on Twitter – can’t recommend them highly enough if you need a brilliant UX Developer) I’m now back up and running. So back to nicer things…

I always love working on wedding invites for friends – and I was really pleased to be asked by my very good friend and pub table-tennis champion, Paula, to work on her save the dates and invites. I’m really pleased with how the illustrations turned out – the selection above comes from across the stationery pieces, and they’ve used them on their wedding website, too.
And tomorrow we’ll be off to the wedding – and I will attempt to defeat the bride in the rematch of our epic, 5-set, beer garden match of 2010 which has since become the stuff of legend.

Congratulations, Paula and Chris!!

UPDATE: I lost. but I had to let her win, right..?

I just got back from working in New York for a few days (I know, I know!). On the Sunday, I walked from my hotel on Canal St across the Williamsburg Bridge, through Williamsburg, Boerum Hill and Brooklyn Heights and back over the Brooklyn Bridge. While I walked (16 miles! I earned my red velvet cupcake) I listened mostly to Williamsburg’s finest – and one of my favourite bands – They Might Be Giants. Here are some of the photos I took on that walk and during the trip – and a link to a free download from Brooklyn’s Ambassadors of Love… And you can follow me on Instagram if you like photos of buildings and bridge graffiti, somewhere over on the right there! —>—->


Daphne, Greatest Guitarist
I had great fun working with my friend Mark again – this time on a project illustrating his collection of fables, The Book of Almost Truths – and the first one is complete! I had great fun creating these loose sketches for Daphne, the Greatest Guitarist in the World, a tale of riffs, wolves and duelling guitars.

You can read all Mark’s stories here – The Book Of Almost Truths.