Very excitingly you can now find us stocked at Dotty’s Teahouse in Carshalton! A match made in heaven – the purveyors of the finest tea and cake South of the river (my choice? A pot of Russian Caravan and the victoria sponge) and the fanciest cosies to accompany it. Dotty’s also do a great Rhyme & Story time on a Monday & Tuesday morning and host a whole range of workshops and clubs.

If you’re not local, all our cosies are available on the Etsy site.

Hello! There will very shortly be some new cards in my etsy shop – including this design to celebrate new arrivals! I hope you like.

new baby greetings cards

In more personal news, I’ve been busy with my own new arrival (slightly less new now as she’s 4 months old already!). I’m enjoying adding some prints to what will eventually be her room, including these by Lisa Jones (thanks, Aunties!) and Showler & Showler. And the little card I bought in Tokyo has found a perfect home.


Nursery Wall


Chalk hearts, NYC

You’ll see I’ve updated a few things around here, but I realise I haven’t posted in 2 years… Bad form for a blogger. Anyway, I’m going to have a think about what to do but meanwhile here are some hearts drawn on the road and I’m going to attempt to show this blog a bit more love.

My first time in Norway and I loved the details… the post boxes, doorsteps and windows. We had a few days there, visiting Old Stavanger, Bergen and Flam and I hope to go back.












A few flowers from Mum’s garden…Sketchbook flowers

I get to do a lot of interesting and exciting things at work, but this week has really been something! After a year of planning, we’ve had EINE in to create an artwork for our new building. I’ve spent the week watching him work, had a lesson in tagging, and hosting a Q&A with all the designers from our company and some students from Central St Martins – and as I type this, Ben’s putting the finishing touches to his work. Here are some photos from the week – thanks to Matt Kay for the excellent last photo!




Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 15.36.06


Well, Historic Charleston is a lovely place. Amazing architecture and colour. I took about 50 photos of people’s doors and window boxes, especially ones painted in Charleston Green.

I ate BBQ, fried green tomatoes, grits and biscuits and visited Ft. Sumter and generally mooched around while being called ‘m’am’ and enjoying the sun. I also won 3 games of pool – turns out I am a natural. All round, a brilliant trip. Thanks, work!


Here’s something from my sketchbook. I’m going to start uploading bits like this here – let me know what you think of them. Some will just be a quick phone snap like this, but I’ll try to scan them nicely when I can!


Thanks to anyone who took a look at this blog in 2014. I haven’t posted as often as I’d wanted and will be better next year, I hope! Leaving 2014 with a photo of the highlight – a trip to Alaska – where we saw killer whales and bears in the wild, ate at the Northernmost Southern BBQ and played glow-in-the-dark mini golf. Hashtag awesome.


There’s been a long radio silence here due to some horrible hackers deciding they will hijack this URL to divert the 3 people who actually read this (me, my mum and…me again) to sites selling illegal medication. But thanks to the amazing Rich of Dogwonder (@dogwonder on Twitter – can’t recommend them highly enough if you need a brilliant UX Developer) I’m now back up and running. So back to nicer things…

I always love working on wedding invites for friends – and I was really pleased to be asked by my very good friend and pub table-tennis champion, Paula, to work on her save the dates and invites. I’m really pleased with how the illustrations turned out – the selection above comes from across the stationery pieces, and they’ve used them on their wedding website, too.
And tomorrow we’ll be off to the wedding – and I will attempt to defeat the bride in the rematch of our epic, 5-set, beer garden match of 2010 which has since become the stuff of legend.

Congratulations, Paula and Chris!!

UPDATE: I lost. but I had to let her win, right..?